Anneken Priesack

“I consulted Marjan prior to and during the integration of our third cat, Errol, into our family. We had two cats at that point, but felt that a third cat would be something that would benefit especially one of our resident cats who didn’t find the playmate she seemed to need in her very human-focused sister.

Marjan gave us very practical and helpful guidance throughout the whole process on how to prepare for the arrival of Errol as well as what to expect when he would meet his new sisters for the first time. She also gave us handy tools and techniques for dealing with the initial “teething problems” and potential behavioural issues that come with the integration of a new cat. Thankfully those initial problems remained very manageable thanks to the techniques she suggested and after a few days of hissing and growling Errol almost seamlessly integrated into the family.

We are incredibly grateful for Marjan’s help which we feel greatly contributed to the smooth integration of Errol. She made us feel a lot more confident and relaxed about the whole process. We knew what to expect which ensured we weren’t stressed even when some hissing and growling occurred at the start.

A big thanks to Marjan for her help and for making us feel like we could come to her for any behavioural issues with our cats and get very practical and sound advice. I certainly feel she has made us understand our cats and their needs and motives in a way we didn’t before!”