The way Marjan works


When dealing with behavioural issues, the very first thing that always needs to happen is that the cat in question is medically cleared by a vet. This insures the cat isn’t behaving inappropriately due to medical issues and being in pain or discomfort. Your vet will also provide Marjan with your cat’s medical history which might also have an impact on the behaviour and how she decides to treat your cat. Please contact Marjan and she will send you a referral form for your vet to complete.

There’s also a behaviour questionnaire for you to complete prior to the home visit and you will be asked to provide as much video footage of the problem behaviour as possible as it’s not always likely that the unwanted / problem behaviour will occur during the home visit.


Once Marjan receives the paperwork, a date can be put in the diary for her to come for a home visit. It’s important to set aside 2 hours for this visit so there’s enough time to take a full history and discuss the issues at hand.
During this visit, Marjan will diagnose and discuss the unwanted behaviour and help you better understand why your cat is displaying these unwanted behaviours. Marjan only uses positive reinforcement methods to try to change, improve or sometimes completely resolve the behaviour problem.


After the initial home consultation, Marjan will write a comprehensive treatment plan and ensure that everything within it makes sense to you.
There will be up to 2 follow-up emails/ telephone conversations to check on progress and assess if adjustments need to be made to the treatment plan. Any further consultancy will be chargeable but it is rarely the case that more fees are incurred.